Ok, either these guys, yes there is another crazy motorcycle dude towards the end of the video, either have a death wish or are pure adrenaline junkies, or a really scary combination of both.

I would be scared to see these guys passing me on the freeway, not to mention that my eyebrows still won’t relax from just recently watching the video. Not a closed course, not a stunt man, no hollywood movie filming, just pure crazy motorcycle driving in the real world.

I still have knots in my stomach from watching this. Do people who perform these kinds of stunts have a life expectancy of 28? Seems like they wouldn’t beat the cops life expectancy of 38.

From a jam packed freeway to the curvy, windy roads of the mountains, nothing is stopping them from being totally crazy… and I mean nothing. How long can you drive a motorcycle popping a wheelie?

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