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CrushTV | A College Students YouTube


CrushTV | A College Students YouTube


Ah, to be a student again. Days wasted drinking until the early hours, spending more time in bed than out of it and sweating off a hangover whilst browsing for entertaining videos online.

There are more video sharing sites now than ever before, but CrushTV hopes that giving college student exclusive access to its services will help it tap into a potentially huge audience.

The benefits aren’t all that brilliant – pupils can create profiles, upload videos, send mail etc. all for free. It isn’t anything that dozens of similar video sites already offer, but does have a certain exclusivity about its offerings.

There’s also the opportunity to write a blog, discover friends and generally use the platform to reach an audience made up completely of your peers.

CrushTV is full to the brim of student pranks, from the relatively mundane to the just plain stupid – all guaranteed to put off exam revision for just a few minutes more.


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