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Cute Beatboxing Bird | Bebo the Cockatiel

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Cute Beatboxing Bird | Bebo the Cockatiel

We’ve seen some very cool beatboxers here at Web TV Hub, but none has impressed me as much as Bebo the cockatiel.

After all, we humans have complex vocabularies made up of millions of different words. With that diversity, it’s little wonder we can manage to get out some beatboxing riffs.

But we applaud birds that manage a couple of basic phrases. Smart parrots might say “pretty boy” and “Polly wants a cracker,” but I’ve never seen one pick up one of the coolest vocal techniques in music today.

Sure there’s not a lot of variety in Bebo’s beatboxing breaks yet, but I’m willing to forgive that because he’s incredibly cute.

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1 Comment

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