Posted in: Animals and Pets, Awesome Videos to Watch Now, News and Video On Demand by Dave Parrack on February 2, 2012

This video should disprove the theory that all rodents are horrible, dirty creatures who deserve to be spaded or get fed to the cat. Some of them can be very cute on occasion.

That occasion is, unfortunately, when they’re asleep. Because they can’t then be scrabbling about in your walls or flicking their nasty tails left and right as they scamper around your feet.

This little fella, a dormouse (name derived from ‘dormeus’, an old word meaning sleepy one) is fast asleep as he hibernates for the winter. So fast asleep, in fact, that he merrily snores away while being manhandled.

That’s a lot of noise emitting from a creature so small. I know for a fact I snore, but I’m not sure whether I snore that loudly. And I’m guessing I don’t look half as cute when I’m doing it as this dormouse.

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