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Daniel Tosh Deals With Drunks Video | Beered-Up Idiots Keep Talking, Get Ejected

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Daniel Tosh Deals With Drunks Video | Beered-Up Idiots Keep Talking, Get Ejected

Daniel Tosh is in the news right now for making a joke that offended one person in a comedy club. Even though the full story from other people suggests it wasn’t the joke it was reported to be.

The story goes that Tosh joked about rape and then suggested it would be funny if the woman who heckled him was then raped herself. But eye-witnesses state the suggestion to talk about rape came from an audience member and when the woman at the center of the row verbally complained Tosh joked that it sounded like she had been raped by five guys. That’s very different.

This video shows Tosh ejecting two drunk guys sat at the front of one of his shows. I wish there was a video of the actual incident in the news but sadly there isn’t.

There are three reasons I couldn’t be a stand-up comedian: 1. I’m not funny. 2. I hate public speaking. 3. I couldn’t deal with hecklers. Daniel Tosh is fine on all counts.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Egor

    July 15, 2012 at 12:35 am

    It’s bothered me that it was reported straight from the blogger’s account, and after I read the owner of the comedy club’s version I still wasn’t crazy about the whole incident but it was certainly different. What I think is obnoxious and unforgivable is a photo on Daniel Tosh’s Comedy Central blog page that went up a couple of days ago – i.e. since this whole debate and his apology. There’s a half naked girl on a toilet with her hands and feet tied together. She looks like an assault victim. Former fans including me have begged for the picture to come down but it’s still there. Some of the fan comments are really disgusting. I wasn’t at the comedy club, there’s the old quote about how there’s two sides to every story and then there’s the truth – but this picture is right there for me to see and be appalled by in real time.

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