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Dating Show Video | Woman Likes Her Men “Large”

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Dating Show Video | Woman Likes Her Men “Large”

Now here is a woman who knows what she wants in a guy, and is not afraid to tell people about it. He doesn’t need money or looks. Nor does he need a fancy car or a good sense of humor as long as he has a gigantic, meat-mashing man-stick.

This clip from a reality dating show shows a woman giving an unfortunate man the rundown of what she wants in a guy. When it becomes apparent that he doesn’t measure up, he becomes understandabley unnerved.

Clearly, what we have here is a modern woman. She doesn’t need money. She’s got her own money. The same holds true for a nice car. And if she wants to laugh she’ll watch a Jim Carrey video. So, damn it, if you don’t use two hands to pee, step aside.

He tries to cope by using humor, but it’s to no avail. The kiss he gives her on the cheek at the end of the date is as far as it’s going to go with this young lady. In the end he’s left to sit alone on his couch to ponder his own useless small penis-ed existence.

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