David After Dentist Video | Cute Kid Plus Anesthetic Equals Funny Video

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This video clip is one of the funniest I’ve seen in a long time. It shows a kid by the name of David (them’s the breaks) who has a hard time coping with the after-effects of an anesthetic.

Watching David go through the various stages of coming out of being knocked out is hilarious. He screams, complains, and generally looks confused by what is happening to him. His dad, ever helpful, decides to film the whole thing and upload it to YouTube.

The best bit has to be when David asks “is this real life?” His dad could have had some fun and answered with “no son, we have entered the fifth dimension where reality is all floaty and dreamlike.” But he didn’t.

This kid has given us one of the greatest Internet memes this year so far, and I’m sure he’s loving the attention at school. How he’ll feel in 10 years times when it’s still being brought up at parties, I’m not so sure.


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