DELETED: THE GAME New Interactive Web Series | Doubles As Online Scavenger Hunt

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DELETED: THE GAME is a web series/game unlike any interactive online series you’ve encountered. The show stars Tyler Mills (played by Charlie Miller), a girl who loses her lover and her memory, and gets caught up in a conspiracy.

Throughout the opening season (which debuts this August), it’s up to viewers like you to help her out.

When each episode is aired, registered viewers are given a question to answer. Hints to the answer can be found on various corners of the web such as social networks, forums, and video sites. The quicker the question is answered, the more points are awarded.



So what exactly are you playing for? At the end of the season, winners of the game receive an all expenses paid trip to visit the cast and an appearance in the show. During the show, point earners get access to Tyler’s Circles of Friendship:

  • Inner Circle: Top 20 Point Earners – Tyler’s Online Phone Number.
  • Close Friend: Top 50-21 Point Earners – Tyler’s Online Chat Address
  • Good Friend: Top 50% – Tyler’s Email
  • New Friend: Top 90% – Private Messages on Social Network
  • Acquaintance: Registered Players – added to Friend’s List on Social Network

Launch Party Contest

As of June 15th, registration has been open on the DELETED website. The first ten users to score 5,000 points will win VIP passes to the launch party. For every 5 friends you refer, you get 50 points.


This is the official trailer for the series. While it does entertain, it does little to explain the game. Even though the show isn’t set to launch until August, those of you itching to find some content can catch Tyler’s video logs on YouTube.

[Watch ‘DELETED: THE GAME’ on YouTube]


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