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DemocraticMedia: Streaming Political Documentaries | Watch ‘Sicko’ & More Online


DemocraticMedia: Streaming Political Documentaries | Watch ‘Sicko’ & More Online


DemocraticMedia is a YouTube channel that is entirely dedicated to political documentaries. In all, the channel has over 360 videos that include countless full length documentaries from Michael Moore’s ‘Sicko’ to CNBC’s ‘The Age of Walmart.’

You don’t have to be a democrat to enjoy these movies.

Is It Legal?

As far as I can tell, DemoctaricMedia isn’t an official YouTube channel. That is, there doesn’t appear to be any affiliation between the user and the copyright owners of the movies. Since the legality of these uploads are still in question, I suggest you watch what you want before it’s too late.

List of Documentaries

In all, the DemocraticMedia channel has over 25 documentaries with new ones being added weekly. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Bowling for Columbine
  • Bush Family Fortunes – The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
  • Control Room
  • Fahrenheit 9/11
  • Iraq For Sale
  • Outfoxed
  • Sicko
  • The Age of Walmart
  • Weapons of Mass Deception

‘Sicko’ Trailer

This is the trailer for Michael Moore’s documentary about the problems with the U.S. health care system titled “Sicko.” You can see this full movie and many other documentaries on the DemocraticMedia YouTube channel.

[DemocraticMedia YouTube Channel]

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