Did Kal Penn Die? Video | The Difference Between Reality and Fiction Alludes Some

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Wow, just wow. I knew there were some gullible people around, especially on the Web. If you want proof just read the comments on this post. But this level of stupidity goes beyond even that.

In the last episode of House, the character of Doctor Lawrence Kutner died after committing suicide. Unfortunately this has led many people (at least foolish ones) to suppose the actor who plays him, Kal Penn, died in real life. Oh dear.

The poster of this video is as incredulous as I am at the levels of idiocy on display here. House is a fictional television series. The people on it are actors playing characters. The things that happen to their characters don’t have to happen to them in real-life as well.

Let me repeat: Kal Penn is not dead but his character on House is. Simple as. End of debate. Nothing to see here. And if you see anyone on the Web, be it on a forum or in a blog post stating that Kal Penn has died please send them here for clarification (and a clip round the ear for being retarded).

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