You know you’ve got it bad when even dogs pick on you. This motorist finds himself being hassled by a gang of feral dogs who stand their ground despite the obvious threat of being run over.

The motorist decides to honk his car horn at the dogs to persuade them to move out of the way. His reward for not just ploughing into them? He gets his license plate ripped off the front of the car by one, probably the leader, of the pack.

I’ve watched this video several times and still haven’t quite worked out what’s going on. It looks clear that a gang of dogs are bullying a motorist, but why would they? And is that even possible?

I don’t even know what country this is in, but whichever it is I’m glad I don’t live there. OK, so the U.K. has rats the size of cats, but at least we don’t have canine bullies.

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