Draw My Life (Video) | Ryan Higa (nigahiga)

43 sec read

These videos have been popping up lately with people putting their life summaries up by way of stick figure voice over videos. The thing about it is, you can relate to all of these people and this kids story reminds me of most teens and finally I could think to myself, “Okay, maybe I don’t hate kids that much.”

Whether it’s being bullied about being different in any way, shape, or form: “Why does everyone keep spilling fruit punch!?”
Or going through that pain in the a** stage of puberty when your crush doesn’t even know you exist, this video will help you to realize what really matters.

If you keep your chin up, follow your dreams, think back on all those crappy memories you may have had, you can keep moving forward and totally make a youtube video out of it. “It’s okay to be sad or mad every now and again. Some things are just out of your control….only you can stop yourself.” yada yada.

Look, the point is, this is a feel good video and if you watch it, it’ll make you feel just a little better about the world and the people who share it with you. So enjoy it!


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