At the end of the regular basketball season, there are all sorts of fun rallies. The Globetrotters usually come out, there is the all-star game and there is also the slam dunk contest.

We all know these basketball players are giants, for the most part, towering over the average man, but it still takes skills and muscles to jump a foot higher than the basket. I was lucky to touch the net when I was in my prime shape back in the day, much less a foot higher than the rim!

Yet, that is what Dwight Howard did here during the Slam Dunk contest, 2008. He first had to put the appropriate garb on, which resembled the dunk he was demonstrating – the Superman Dunk.

Then he showed us, in Michael Jordan fashion, what it meant to fly across the court, jump a foot higher than the rim, and slam a ball in the basket. That one took the gold.

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