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Here at WebTvHub, we’ve done our best to show you the best pub tricks we could find on the net. However, little did we know there was already a site dedicated to easy-to-do bar tricks.

Easy Bar Tricks is filled with bar trick video tutorials so simple, you’ll wonder why more people don’t do them.

Unlike other video sites, Easy Bar Tricks doesn’t re-hash the same tricks you’ve already seen countless times. All of these videos are original and specifically made for Easy Bar Tricks. Chances are, your friends haven’t seen many of these before.


As of now, Easy Bar Tricks is made up of 32 original tutorials and counting. They are broken down into 6 categories.

  • Bottle Tricks
  • Coin Tricks
  • Bill Tricks
  • Lighter Tricks
  • Cigarette Tricks
  • Easy Magic Tricks

Freeze A Bear Instantly Trick

This has has to be one of the best tricks on Easy Bar Tricks. It shows you how to instantly freeze a beer in front of everyone’s eyes. Like most “magic” tricks, the explanation for this trick is painfully obvious.

[‘Easy Bar Tricks’ Website]

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