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  1. Laurain Jupakt Says:

    December 1st, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    I’m glad another person of Indian heritage is intelligent and brutally honest enough to acknowledge the extreme lameness of Bollywood. It is humiliating in and of its own to belong to the culture responsible for these cheesy and corny films, but that is overwhelmingly exacerbated by the fact that when we as Indians obviously merely copy other movies’ plots, storylines, etc., it is as if we are tacitly admitting to the world that we do not creative or talented or smart enough to come up with our own. Instead of putting in the effort to independently create a respectable recognized genre (such as Iranian filmmakers have properly and admirably done), Indian filmmakers opt to take the lazy and easy and cheap route and choose to produce embarrassingly low-quality versions of what other truly creative and talented and brilliant filmmakers from other cultures have worked so hard to write, produce and direct. Unfortunately, this reflects on our culture by giving non-Indians the perception that we as a people are also lazy, cheap and not very bright. What a pathetic legacy. It makes me truly ashamed for all Indians. The Indian directors, producers, actors and actresses and even the Indians who go to theater and rent these movies and support this Bollywood movement are making a big mistake that will ultimately damage current and future generations of Indians culturally and socio-politically since the only thing these films achieve is to perpetuate the “7-11 Curry-flavored Slurpee” stereotype that already permeates the rest of the world.

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