This video shows Epic Beard Man, also known as Epic Beard Guy, Tom Slick, and Vietnam Tom, beating a black guy up on a city bus after the two get into a dumb fight seemingly over nothing.

Epic Beard Man is getting something of a reputation, as he’s previously been seen arguing with security guards at a baseball game for sitting in the wrong seat. And they taser him for that minor misdemeanor.

I personally do not approve of violence in any way, but this argument was only ever going to end up that way.

On the one hand you have a slightly mad Vietnam vet who obviously feels aggrieved at everything and everyone, and on the other you have a mouthy black guy determined not to lose face to an old white guy.

They both threaten each other before Epic Beard Man carries through on his promise to beat the crap out of the other guy. A few punches later and there’s blood all over the bus.

Love him or hate him I get the feeling we’ll be seeing more of Epic Beard Man.

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