Ooh, that’s gotta hurt. Badly. It’s a fail of epic proportions. But thankfully for those of us watching on YouTube, it’s also hilarious. Why is it so funny to see people getting mildly hurt?

It’s bizarre how we as humans love seeing other people getting hurt. Not seriously, obviously, but just mildly. So they survive but maybe had to spend a couple of days in hospital.

This guy proper goes arse over tit, but he does make it look classy as well. So I take my hat off to him. He eventually gets some assistance, but not before taking a hit to his pride as well as various parts of his body.

The obvious question is why have such a stupid obstacle in the first place. I know it’s meant to be a cross-country type of bike race, and this man-made barrier is there in place of a fallen tree or something, but still. Fail.

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