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EPIC-FU formerly known as JETSET is a video blog show where pop/geek culture is discussed weekly. Although it may seem like it, we geeks are not alone.

No, this isn’t just any vlog show about pop culture, this is the ultimate incite to uber geekness. Since 2006, EPIC-FU has won numerous awards including a Webby Award and a Vloggie Award. Now the show, which averages over 2 million views per month, covers the latest news in the art, tech, and music world of geeks weekly.


Host Zadi Diaz travels around the world to interview music artists, discuss new developments in the tech industry, and even talk about the latest internet fads. The show has also become an outlet for up-and-coming indie artists to showcase their work. Music videos are show in place of commercials.

Webisode: From SXSW To Berlin

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This is the latest webisode of EPIC-FU where Zadi travels to Berlin, talks about social networking, and interviews MC Frontalot who is the “Godfather of Nerdcore Hip-Hop.” Yeah, I didn’t even know nerdcore existed either.

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