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ESL & Learning English Videos | Watch Virtual Language Lessons Online


ESL & Learning English Videos | Watch Virtual Language Lessons Online

talkingIf you are taking or have been considering English classes then you might like to brush up on your English skills by taking a browse around the web for some English lesson videos.

I actually found the number of ESL (English as a second language) videos online to be quite limited, unless you are willing to pay. However, I did manage to find a few very useful video lessons to help improve your English grammar and vocabulary. I’ve listed all of these below:

English Video Lessons:

  • CLA University ESL videos – I liked this site the most, not only does this site list a number of other English video lessons on other websites, it also has a selection of its own videos, which work alongside quick quizzes and interactive lessons including video dictation exercises, and learning from TV commercials and movie trailers.
  • English Kitty Free Videos – This site is run by an American who teaches English over the phone using Skype. He has a selection of short English video lessons for you to browse through.
  • BBC Learning English – You can always count on the BBC to have a quality set of English learning exercises. The “watch and listen” section contains audio and video clips to help you learn English. The “Beyond the Postcard” exercise takes you around places in the UK with video comprehension exercise.
  • Australia Network Living English – This is a clever idea where you are taken through an Australian soap and guided through each bit of the conversation so you can pick up on different words and pronunciations. The 42-part series looks at the English language used in everyday situations such as checking into a hotel or describing people.
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