Everyday Parkour Video | ‘Last One’ Gym Game An Excuse For A Spot Of Free Running

30 sec read

We’ve all seen parkour videos before. There are tons on YouTube as people try to make a name for themselves and show their skills off to a wider audience.

This video is no exception, but it wraps the whole thing up as a game played after attending the gym. And it’s brilliant.

The problem with many parkour videos is that they show people randomly jumping about between buildings with no overall concept. And they can get rather boring as there are only so many different stunts involved.

The great thing about this video is that it actually has a plot. There are also some inventive stunts and some inventive uses of the environment. The music also rocks, and the twist ending is genius.

Maybe I’m easily pleased but this is one of the best parkour videos I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen many.


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