Evil Dead (Video) Trailer | Out in Theaters Now!

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For all those fans who adored the 1981 original “The Evil Dead” as well as new horror film moviegoers, the remake “Evil Dead” was bloody perfect in every way. You think the gruesome scenes in the trailer are all that’s awaiting you in manner of terrifying but you’re wrong. Dead wrong.

Produced by original “The Evil Dead” director Sam Raimi and his “Evil Dead” trilogy star, Bruce Campbell, they left no room for disappointment, pulling all the stops and covering all the exits possible. I went walked into the theater thinking I would be seeing one your standard plot lines of: naive group of teens walk unwittingly into a death trap and commit every thoughtless act possible to get themselves all killed. But I got to say, they weren’t all that naive and there was actually a clever plot line forcing them into these situations.

{Spoiler alert}

So as the movie starts, we find five friends have all gathered at a friend’s cabin to help the little sister, Mia (Jane Levy) of David (Shiloh Fernandez), kick her drug habit after she’d gone crazy and not only overdosed but had died sometime recently before. Joining them are the standard two friends and a girlfriend tag along group with the friends being angry at David for moving across the country to leave his little sister who was struggling with a drug problem to care for their mentally ill and dying mother. Conveniently, one of their friends, Olivia (Jessica Lucas) is a nurse who supposedly will be able to administer any sort of drug should Mia need it. And boy does she like knocking out Mia with some horse-tranquilizer at least five times that I counted.

But it’s a demon they’re dealing with here and so as expected, everyone gets brutally mutilated. Throw in some zombie lookin’ demon possessed rape and massacre scenes with a touch of sentimental strings being pulled and you have a movie that beats the last year’s worth of supposedly scary movies to have come out.

I give it 4.5 out of 5. It was well worth the wait.

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