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Extreme Breastfeeding Video | How Old Is Too Old?

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Extreme Breastfeeding Video | How Old Is Too Old?

We all know breastfeeding is best for babies. It gives little ones all the nutrition they need, and it helps the newborn and its mother to bond. But when does breastfeeding stop being beneficial, and start being weird?

I’m not sure where you draw the line, but I’ll wager it’s somewhere before these children were cut off. Bethany breastfed until she was five years old. Her younger sister Eliza is still happily suckling away at almost eight years of age.

Their mother Veronica is convinced the kids will give up breastfeeding when they’re ready. But watching them drawing breast pictures and speaking about their love for their mother’s milk, I’m not so sure.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Doris

    January 2, 2008 at 4:48 pm

    I applaud Veronica. It takes courage to go against the system; and I totally agree how ridiculous it is that our society thinks it’s OK to show the breasts, and more, for sexual reasons, but not OK to show the breasts when breastfeeding. If there’s ever a time when it should be OK to show the breasts, it should be then.
    And as far as nursing older children, I think those children who get that opportunity are darn lucky. My two younger children breastfed long, and my youngest remembers it fondly, just like Eliza and Bethany do. She remembers it as a great source of comfort. When she turned 3, I wanted to stop breastfeeding because I was getting flack from others, and I didn’t want to go through that again, as I had with my first. But I realized she really wanted to continue, and needed that comfort, so I continued. So I was meeting her needs, not mine, though I enjoyed the closenest we shared. How can that be wrong? We should praise the Moms who meet the needs of their children in that way. I truly believe these children will be way ahead of most in the end, with comfort with their bodies and comfort with intimacy etc. And as they get to be teens, perhaps they will not be so desperate as I was for physical connection and confuse, as I did, sex for real intimacy.
    Again, kuddos to Veronica and to her husband for supporting her, and kuddos to all women who follow their hearts, and do for their children, what their instincts tell them is right.

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