The world would be a pretty shitty place without grandmas. They have nothing to do with this clip, but I couldn’t help but think the guy who decided to drive up a hill at a near-90-degree angle had a grandmother who told him to ‘always reach for the stars.’

He gets close, so close. You can almost hear the victory party favors being blown as you watch the little dune buggy that could fight and claw it’s way up the hill. Then, just as it’s about to reach the top, it flips.

Then it tumbles, rolls and tumbles some more until it falls all the back to its humble starting point. It’s a terrible conclusion. A failure like that like that can rob a man of his will to live. Good thing we weren’t driving, huh.

So let us give thanks to grandmas across the world. Without their kind words and encouragement we might never have never seen the little dune buggy that could take a tumble.

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