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Fake Poop! Prank Video | Childish But Fun

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Fake Poop! Prank Video | Childish But Fun

Most of the time I try and act my age which, at 32-years-old, means acting maturely at all times. But I can’t keep it up, because I’m more like 3-years-old at heart. Which must be why I find this video so amusing.

Poop is one of those things that almost everyone reacts to with disgust. You accept that you have to poop, although you try and avoid eye contact with it if at all possible. But other people’s poop? Ugh.

Even if you’re in a relationship and are comfortable enough to poop with the bathroom door open, you still don’t want to see what happening down there. Which is why this fake poop prank works so well.

Is it bad that about a minute after watching this video I made a fake poop and planted it on the toilet seat? I’m still waiting for my girlfriend to wake up and discover it, at which point I’ll blame the cat.

See, I told you, the mindset of a toddler.

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