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Female Body Lifters Video | Brains, Brawn and Beauty?

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Female Body Lifters Video | Brains, Brawn and Beauty?

Sexy or scary? Buff or beef? Either you love the muscle look on girls or you despise it, but there is a niche group of women who are more muscle than most men are men.

This video shows glimpses of these rare women hitting the gym and exposing the ins and outs of being a female body lifter. Only 70 such women exist in the entire world.

Hardcore and hungry for recognition? You bet! If I ever saw one of these women in the grocery store, I would flash my biggest smile; but not just to be friendly, but to be sure to stay out of their way.

I wouldn’t want to be the target of any of their anger. With deep voices and muscles galore, their most distinguishing feature from the men is their bright and colorful bikinis.

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