Five Hilarious American Politician Spoof Videos | Super Tuesday Takes On A New Meaning

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As all the “Super Tuesdays” and annoying politician bashing commercials finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, I couldn’t help but laugh at the many spoofs out there directed at Republican and Democratic candidates alike.

If you can tell my political leaning from this post, than I’m not doing a good job at remaining objective (who said I was trying), but all the politicians who were either in the race at some point or have made it down to the wire have flaws that we can all point and laugh at.

From conservative extremist Huckabee to feminist nazi Hilary, each candidate certainly brings their own flare, and fare, to the table.

Romney and Guiliani Go Gangster

Rudy and Mitt’s little squabble at the beginning of the CNN debates seemed to work all too well with Sam and Nicky’s dialogue from the movie Casino. Finally, something that seems like a real and candid conversation between politicians.


I can’t actually figure out if this is a real endorsement or a spoof? Why is it that people think that just because some retarded celebrity endorses something, then it must be good. Who said they had any merit on the topic anyway? Weird.

Subliminal Jesus

Sometimes his speeches really didn’t seem too far from this spoof; with the big man upstairs himself endorsing this oh-so-righteous one. And, he’s still in the race!

Barack vs. Hilary JKL Dance Off

Surprised at who won this dance off? I love the message it implies with what is happening iin the democratic race. This race is tight, and apparently so are Obama’s and Clinton’s dance skills.

John McCain and Miss SC on US Economics

Uh, and such as, and things like world hunger… The parody is way too close to spoof me.

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