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Cooking Videos & TV Teaches You How To Cook | The YouTube of Video Recipes


Wouldn’t it be nice to learn how to cook your favorite meals step by step, and from an experienced chef? Until you win the lottery, here’s a helpful site to guide you through those tough times in the kitchen.

Introducing your very own virtual private cooking tutor.

Simply type in the kind of food you want to cook, for example, “cherry pie”, and a list of tutorial videos will pop up. Additionally, one may browse recipes for foods originating from certain countries. Badges are even awarded to those who upload numerous videos.

The site recently started, and as a result, some videos have problems when loading. Another downside is the Fullscreen option. Though the quality is much better than most video sites like YouTube, the video must be reloaded in a new window.

Once the all the bugs are worked out, FoodTube looks like a promising site for anyone seeking advice on cooking.

[FoodTube Website]

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