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Fred: The Movie is getting a theatrical release in the U.K. after having been shown on TV in the U.S. What does that say about us Brits, I wonder?

If you’re not aware of Fred then read this and this first before coming back here. Done? Good.

After building up a huge audience on YouTube, the character of Fred Figglehorn, played by Lucas Cruikshank, was deemed worthy of a movie. Hence Fred: The Movie was born.

Fred: The Movie was shown on Nickelodeon in the States but in the U.K. it’s being shown at cinemas, opening Dec. 17. And this is the official trailer for the film.

Rather humorously, Fred: The Movie has been rated a 12A, meaning the kids that it is aimed at will have to be accompanied by an adult. Yet another reason not to be a parent.

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