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Free News Videos for Bloggers | Newsmarket Launches VideoCafé


Free News Videos for Bloggers | Newsmarket Launches VideoCafé


If you’re a current affairs blogger interested in adding news videos onto your site, then the launch of NewsMarket’s VideoCafé could be just your cup of tea.

Previously, finding topical news clips could prove to be difficult, but VideoCafé aims to provide bloggers and journalists with the same access to video as other media companies. The first batches of content available are from Google, AOL, Dell and Intel.

Users will be able to obtain any given video by copying the embed code (similar to the method used on YouTube and other such sites) and pasting it into their own blogs where the stream will appear for readers to view.

NewsMarket began the project after regularly receiving over 30,000 requests a week for up-to-the-minute online video reports. Unfortunately however, at present VideoCafé is in beta testing and available by invite only.

VideoCafé looks to have quite a lot of promise, although as it grows it could certainly do with letting everyone access the site freely as well as sourcing a greater variety of content.

[Visit VideoCafé]

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