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Fresh Takes: New Web Series Starring Alicia Keys | MTV & Dove Team Up For Micro-Series


Fresh Takes: New Web Series Starring Alicia Keys | MTV & Dove Team Up For Micro-Series


Dove knows how hard life is for women in their 20’s, and apparently MTV does too. The two companies have teamed up to create a new micro series that premieres every Monday in conjunction with MTV’s highest rated show ‘The Hills.’

Oh, and did I mention it stars Alicia Keys?

Every three-minute long episode of ‘Fresh Takes’ follows the lives of three roommates in their mid-twenties living in New York City. By airing the series in between segments of ‘The Hills,’ Dove hopes to target potential customers for their new fragrance-driven product collection.

Fresh Task

The Cast

Here is the cast for the show. Aside from the wonderful Alicia Keys, episodes also star two other up-and-coming actresses who also happen to be pretty easy on the eyes:

  • Alex (Alicia Keys): A fearless and fun character who works at a trendy music PR firm
  • Diane (Desi Lydic): She is focused, ambitious, and even up-tight; her friends urge her to loosen up
  • Lizzie (Jessalyn Wanlim): The “lost” friend still struggling to find out what she wants to do with her life

‘Fresh Takes’ Trailer

This is the official trailer for ‘Fresh Takes’ that premiered on MTV earlier. Catch the first episode during tonight’s broadcast of ‘The Hills.’ After every episode airs, it will be put on Dove’s Go Fresh site.

[Watch ‘Fresh Takes’]

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mike Belgrove

    March 25, 2008 at 9:23 am

    One of the other bloggers on Highbrid Nation wrote about Alicia Keys and Dove and I’m kinda confused. A soap company hired a R&B singer to star in a drama on MTV that will take place during commercial breaks? WTF? But what do I know, that other writer said it was a good idea so maybe he’s right. Being a 27 year old black man, I don’t think I’m the crowd they are aiming for anyway, lol.

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