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‘Friends’ to Return on All Major Networks


‘Friends’ to Return on All Major Networks

1186px-Friends_logo.svgUnconfirmed reports from the Hollywood Press suggest that the TV Show Friends, which ran from 1994 to 2004, will return for all new episodes soon. Insiders also report that each member of the main cast will retain ownership of the rights of the show on a specific network.

For example, Matt LeBlanc will secure the rights to the TV show’s NBC contract. There’s unsubstantiated rumors that Matthew Perry has a deal with PBS, and Lisa Kudrow will form her own network and air multiple episodes of the classic show simultaneously, and continuously.

Rumors suggest the new show may or may not take place in Manhattan. Jennifer Aniston has ABC rights to it, but is reportedly planning to push it on the Sci-Fi Network. The network assignment for Courtney Cox has not been revealed, but she expressed interest in promoting the show to The Weather Channel, according to the Non-Associated Press.

Rather than at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, CA, the new ‘Friends’ will be filmed in an undisclosed, underground location.

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