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Full Farrah Abraham’s interview with Dr Phil (Video)

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Full Farrah Abraham’s interview with Dr Phil (Video)

Farrah Abraham’s sex tape has more first day viewers than Kim Kardashian’s video. The ‘immense load’ on Vivid Entertainment’s servers, says the firm, causing a crash and forcing the porn giant to access more servers to handle demand.

The “Teen Mom” star’s racy film lured in more than 2 million visitors in just 12 hours Monday. That trumped the record held by Kardashian, which attracted 600,000 people during the same time period, says the gossip site. There were so many eager viewers that the website even crashed for nine minutes on the day of the release.

Her attitude is disgusting and this has to be the stupidest excuse for her sex tape. And we wonder why Farrah cannot admit her own faults!

But no, I’m not sorry for you. However, do obtain and hide that single tape asap. That will end up on the net, and when it’s there, it will never go away. There is a reason why a 15 year old can’t actually condone to having sex. It’s to protect them from doing idiotic stuff like this.

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