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Doctor Who is coming back, with Season Six landing Easter weekend with an episode titled The Impossible Astronaut. This video is the official full-length trailer for the new 2011 season.

Matt Smith remains in the lead role as The Doctor, despite a somewhat tepid response from fans about his first season. Let’s hope it was just growing pains as the fans got over the glory days when Tennant was in charge of the Tardis.

Also returning are Amy Pond, the gorgeous, gangly, ginger assistant, and her boyfriend Rory. And then there is the mysterious River Song, although it’s being teased that her back story will be revealed this time around.

If I’m honest I didn’t find the last season of Doctor Who to be the must-watch television it was when Tennant was around. But I will certainly tune in to the first few episodes of Season Six to see if the story arc piques my interest. Here’s hoping.

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