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There’s a new adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel, Murder on the Orient Express, out in theaters, and it’s surely a must-see for fans of crime dramas.

Befitting the age of the novel, this is a classic whodunnit, with a murder being committed on, well, the Orient Express, and Hercules Poirot having to figure out who did it.

This video shows Chris Stuckmann’s review of Murder on the Orient Express. He likes some aspects, but isn’t wholly sold, ultimately scoring it a B.

One thing that cannot pass unmentioned is Stuckmann’s pronunciation of Kenneth Branagh, who plays Poirot. Stuckmann pronounces it Kenneth Bara-narg. When it’s actually pronounced Kenneth Branner.

As a sidenote he gets Poirot wrong too, saying Pi-ro, rather than Pwa-ro.

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