Funny Benedict Cumberbatch Koohl Toilet Sketch Video | SNL Mocks Apple’s 1984 Ad

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Apple doesn’t make toilets. But if it did, they would probably be the best toilets in the world.

That’s the basic premise of this Saturday Night Live sketch, which uses Benedict Cumberbatch to introduce the Koohl Toilet.

The sketch mimics the famous 1984 Apple ad which had a lone protester fighting back against the establishment. It’s just that this time we’re talking toilets rather than computers.

Cumberbatch smashes the status quo by sitting on the Koohl Toilet the wrong way round, resting his arms on the cistern. Because that’s how he rolls.

I must say those shades don’t suit him though. He’s the posh gentleman kind of cool, not the Will Smith in Men in Black kind of cool.


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