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Funny Bird Mating Video Clip | Bird Moonwalks!

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Funny Bird Mating Video Clip | Bird Moonwalks!

Michael Jackson could learn a thing or two from this wacky bird. Not only does this awesome bird have a natural groove—he can moonwalk almost better than the King of Pop himself!

Fun hippy lady commentates about this male bird’s practice, which is actually extremely entertaining by itself. I have to say, though, she’s not half as good at moonwalking as the bird is . . .

So that’s what I have to do to become a moonwalk master? I suppose I’ll just pray that I’m reincarnated as this specific species of bird . . . that way, I can show up even Michael Jackson with my moonwalking skills.

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  2. Birdzilla

    December 1, 2009 at 2:59 am

    If i were reincarnated as a bird i would like to take a poop right on AL GORE,LEONARDO DECAPRIO or ROBERT KENNEDY Jr those wealthy enviromentalists eletist hypotcrits bug me

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