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Funny College Prank Video | 25 Stoners Under A Parachute

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Funny College Prank Video | 25 Stoners Under A Parachute

Who doesn’t like a good practical joke. Well, probably not this college cop or the administration, but all the bystanders and those of us online watching the video can surely appreciate the humor in a prank like this.

Apparently it was around the time of 4:20 and a group of students decided to take part in a scheme to hide under this parachute during tour day on campus, and likely participate in other activities under there as well.

4/20 is a sort of national holidays for those group of people so affectionately called stoners, and it also happens to be Hitlers birthday, but the concept originated from a police code, as I understand it.

The best part is as I’m watching this video, I’m thinking, hey, that looks like the college I went to, only to find out that it is in fact the college I went to.

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