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The BBC’s new show “All The Small Things” is usually a serious drama that follows the lives of church choir members. There are, however, times when the show has it’s comedic moments.

Take this clip for example, where the entire choir sings Blink-182′s pop-punk song ‘What’s My Again Again.’ And, yes, they even sing the profane lyrics (numerous times).

The words “sodomy” and “bitch hung up on me” have never sounded so sweet. Of course, this could never happen in real life since I doubt any church would approve the lyrical content. Maybe I’m over-analyzing it, but the midget singing at the end looks to be an ode to another Blink-182 music video.

Blink-182 ‘Man Overboard’ Music Video

Here we have music video for “Man Overboard” which is essentially a parody of all Blink-182 videos with midgets instead of the actual band. Just in case you forgot how awesome Blink-182 was.

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