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Funny Drake Dancing Like An Old Man Video | Hotline Bling Becomes The Safety Dance

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Funny Drake Dancing Like An Old Man Video | Hotline Bling Becomes The Safety Dance

Drake (real name Aubrey!) has released the video for his new song Hotline Bling, and it may just be the worst music video you’ll see all year.

It’s dull, inspired, and insipid. But it’s Drake’s lackluster attempt at dancing that has the Internet in a frenzy. Drake dances like an old man. An old man who has never heard music.

This video shows Drake dancing in the Hotline Bling video, but replaces the audio with that from The Safety Dance. And it works rather well.

His fans suggest Drake is suave and sophisticated. Whereas to me he comes across as lazy and arrogant. It’s like he isn’t even trying any more, safe in the knowledge he’ll shift records regardless.

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