It’s Easter! If you celebrate that particular holiday. I do, but only because it means lots of chocolate eggs for me to scoff.

However, I have always wondered what the Easter Bunny, the Santa-style hero of Easter (if you exclude Jesus, obviously), does the other 364 days of the year. If only there was a video showing the reality…

The Easter Bunny spends the rest of the year kicking ass, at least according to this video. Am I the only person to be a little freaked out seeing the normally cute and cuddly Easter Bunny being so nasty? It’s like the whole circus clown thing, the juxtaposition between good and evil.

The way I’ll know if this video is even close to reality is if all my Easter eggs arrive smashed and half-eaten. But then I guess he has to have at least one day off from being nasty.

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