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Funny Family Guy Video | The Iraq War In 30 Seconds

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Funny Family Guy Video | The Iraq War In 30 Seconds

Just as I was typing this the new President of the United States was officially announced: Barack Obama!

I, like many other Americans, am now excited to see some change in our government toward our military involvement in Iraq. We can now finally look back and agree how absurd it was to invade the country- just as it’s portrayed in this Family Guy clip.

Now that Obama is President, it’s clear that shows like The Daily Show might be short on material. After all, Bush’s bushisms are nearly over and Palin’s 15 minutes of fame are through. Still, I’m hoping Family Guy will continue to poke those off-beat political jokes that the show is known for.

Just because we’ve got a black president, doesn’t mean that we can’t make fun of him.

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