Funny Freak Accident Video | Dumb College Student Can’t Open Automatic Door

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The man you see in this video is Mullah Katl Ud Din, a student from UET Lahore (one of the best engineering schools in Pakistan). Apparently this is his very first encounter with an automatic door in his life.

No matter how book smart this guy may be, I just can’t get over how stupid his method of getting through the door was.

As crazy as it sounds, grown men who have never seen an automatic door in their lives aren’t that uncommon in Pakistan. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if this student was from a village that had never encountered a car before.

Since this was probably this man’s first day a the school, it was most likely his first day in an urban environment. Having an Indian heritage, I can sort of understand how this crazy incident could happen.

My father (who is of Indian decent) used to tell me stories about people in his village who used to pray to passing planes thinking they were mystical beings. After seeing this video, that story doesn’t seem so far-fetched.


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