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Funny Free Hugs Prank Video | Man Charges $2 For ‘Deluxe Hugs’

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Funny Free Hugs Prank Video | Man Charges $2 For ‘Deluxe Hugs’

By now, the Free Hugs campaign is almost 3 years old. So to spice things up a bit, one man decides to incite some unfriendly competition by charging $2 for his “Deluxe Hugs” and standing right next to the “Free Hugs” guy.

Obnoxious or not, this clip is seriously funny.

At times, I really feel bad for the poor guy getting pranked. Either some of the people caught on camera are part of the trick or the prankster is seriously a jerk. With insults like “They aren’t as smelly as the hippie hugs,” it still amazes me why the real “Free Hugs” guy stayed around for so long.

It’s best not to be too concerned about the reality of the situation, and instead focus on the humorous aspect of the video. Or else, the last scene with the fat woman might leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth.

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