Posted in: Awesome Videos to Watch Now, Comedy TV & Video, News and Video On Demand by Julie Popp on November 21, 2007

He likely has a good reason for wanting to do so! Take this funny commercial for example. This guy proudly bears his ballet shoes on the way to class, even in front of all the macho guys, who definitely take note of the pink slippers draped around his neck.

But he just smiles and keeps walking to class, as he is in the know of what is to come when he gets there – hello! A bunch of women in tights and leotards!

Now this guy has the right idea and his friends soon find out why ballet is so much fun. Of course he’s a man! He drinks beer and he goes to ballet class for a free grope!

That is all said with a sprinkle of sarcasm, but I still think this is a clever video. And maybe, just maybe, more guys will get into dance.

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