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Question: What’s funnier than a news reporter freaking out?

Answer: A gay news reporter freaking out.

Ok, I’ll man up. I admit I detest cockroaches. Heck, who doesn’t? Aside from Marilyn Mansion, a roach has to be the ugliest creature on planet earth. Of course, different people have different ways of dealing with a cockroach encounter.

Usually whenever I see one, my first instinct is to find the nearest shoe and smash it. My little sister on the other hand, has a tendency to immediately squeal and climb furniture as if a flood was occurring.

I kid you not; the man in this video puts her to shame.

Watch as this seemingly straight weather man turns gay within three seconds of seeing a cockroach. Even after he runs out of the frame we can still hear him squealing to the news staff: “That thing was crawlin’ up my leg!”

As if it hadn’t caused enough pain for the poor guy, the roach shows up again three hours later! It’s like they always say, “Second time’s a charm.”

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