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Funny Ozzy Osbourne Video | Pranks Fans For New Album Promo

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Funny Ozzy Osbourne Video | Pranks Fans For New Album Promo

In order to promote Ozzy’s new album titled “Scream” that comes out this month, he played a pretty scary prank on his unsuspecting fans.

The footage is a compilation of a day-long prank in which Ozzy spent his afternoon at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in New York pretending to be a wax statue. The responses he gets when his fans find out it’s the real him are pretty hilarious!

Ozzy really does scare “the shit” out of some of these folks. The best one would have to be the scare with the little girl who comments on how “realistic” his arm hair is. Most of the time it’s the females that are shocked the most, but there’s always a guy in a scene who’d probably be just as scared if he were that close.

I don’t know about you but I’d be pretty happy if this prank was pulled on me. Paying to see wax-statues and then seeing the real-deal is like a dream come true. I wish more celebrities did this type of thing.

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