Racism isn’t big, clever, or funny. At least when humans exhibit it. But when a cat exhibits racism, it is kinda funny, and a little bit clever. But is still isn’t big.

I thought I opposed racism in all its various forms. But I was wrong. How can I oppose cats being racist? They don’t know why they shouldn’t be racist, instead basing their ignorance on experience.

At least that’s my guess as to why this cat appears to hate all black people. Denzil Washington, Oprah, Snoop Dogg, Barack Obama and more all get a thumbs down supposedly because they’re all black.

You know there’s something wrong when Tom Cruise and Miley Cyrus get received better than Martin Luther King Jr. does.

Is this video real? Or has it been manipulated somehow. It’s possible that the cat was squeezed at the right moments, or that there’s something freaking it out in the background. What if the images appearing on the iPad were changed?

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