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  1. I remember that show, you can probably find it on nick toons that’s were I’ve seen it recently, But yes I remember the log commercial. When I first saw it I actively thought it was a real and wondered why they would even try to sell that. But then agen I was like 9 and it didn’t take long to Figueroa out that it wasn’t.

  2. Log rolls down stairs, over and there! Rolls over your neighbor’s dog! What’s great for a snack? Fits on your back?
    Its Log, Log, Log! It’s Log, Log, It’s big, its heavy, its wood!
    It’s Log, Log, it’s better than bad, it’s Good! Lol I love that show.. still have season 1 on netflix!!

  3. man i have the whole collection of logs in packaging never opened i dont know much about them so am looking to sell them cant find out much about their value any ideas?

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