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Gas Pump Prank Video | Reporter Makes News Personal

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Gas Pump Prank Video | Reporter Makes News Personal

With the increase of gas prices, the last thing you need at the pump is a news report of a wanted criminal that happens to drive your exact type of car. That’s too bad for the first victim of this prank video. In disbelief, she listens intently only to find out that the “bank robber” is also wearing the exact same clothes as her.

Sure, if you were on the news you’d be excited. But this is ridiculous!

The “news anchor” spies on all of his unsuspecting victims through a camera then cleverly slips in personal jabs in his fake news reports. Equipped with an oh-so convincing news broadcast set and the element of surprise, it doesn’t take much more than a “Hey you!” to get the average person’s attention.

The best bit has to be the scene at the end. The lady being pranked turns out to be working for Ryan Seacrest’s Morning Show and even starts recording him!

The next time you hear headlines at the pump, be sure to check for hidden cameras.

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