Israel has attacked the convoy of ships attempting to take humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip. Countries around the world have condemned the military action and branded it over the top.

This video shows footage of the boarding on one of the ships as it happened. At least 10 people are known to have been killed.

Israel has blocked aid coming into Gaza since Hamas took power in 2007. Although some aid is let through, it’s estimated it’s only around a quarter of what is needed.

Israel has allies around the world, but even its most staunchest have condemned this action. With the notable exception of the U.S., which seems to give Israel carte blanche to do whatever it damn well likes.

Personally I’m just about sick of hearing about Israel and Palestine, and all the blood that has been spilled for pointless reasons. Grow up, and learn to share the land and the monuments both races hold so dear. Or this is going to end in an almighty war.

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